How to improve employee productivity and increase their willingness to work?

15 Jun

The most important part of a company is its employees. What if they are no longer as productive and provide the same return on work as before? As a team leader or company boss, it’s painful to watch other teams or companies doing their work to the maximum while your team struggles to meet deadlines. In the past, the team worked much better, how to improve this situation?

One of the great ways to start increasing your employees’ willingness to work is to set up morning meetings to discuss work plans, and responsibilities, and to let your employees share information about their lives. In the hurry of work, colleagues begin to feel insignificant and begin to lose their personality, which can lead to a depressed mood and unwillingness to work. Weekly or even morning meetings would give employees a chance to be heard and, in addition, the work to be done would be distributed.

These meetings can be complemented with a delicious coffee cup. Employees greatly appreciate being allowed to have quality coffee at their workplace. Don’t have a coffee machine yet? We recommend buying it! A Harvard study found that women who drank 4 or more cups of coffee a day had a 20% lower risk of developing depression.

Imagine if employees enjoyed this coffee from their company mug. Wouldn’t that be great? Allow employees to feel the spirit of the competition by creating tasks for each week and reward them with your company’s mugs! Where to buy them, you ask? On the website it is possible to create a personalised mug with very simple steps! Go to the website, click on “customize” and add a logo, company slogan, or more!

Have you tried the first steps, but they don’t seem to work? We recommend listening to yourself! Maybe your employees are not to blame. It is important to be fair, respectful, and honest when talking to your colleagues! We are all human and employees love to be respected.

Of course, it is also important to answer employees’ emails and questions in a virtual environment. Sometimes this isn’t your priority, but it’s important. If you can respond to customers promptly, we recommend that you treat your employees in the same way. Some companies have employee forums where an employee can post their question or comment and be answered not only by their boss but also by colleagues. This method works great.

Unfortunately, we can’t find out information directly about you, reader, but this is also a common stumbling block in employee productivity. Employees are often denied the opportunity to make decisions. If you don’t trust your team, how does it trust you? We encourage you to invite your staff to important meetings and ask the question, “What do you think?” It is also advisable to inquire differently about the opinion of the employees, even if you ask about the choice of your clip or hair arrangement, this will give you the feeling that you are interested in their opinion.

In conclusion, you should give your workers feeling and opportunity to show their true potential. Let your workers feel special!

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