8 Hen Party Gift Ideas For The Bride

08 Aug

Are you looking for the best gift for your friends’ hen party? We have researched the trends for this party’s gifts and we are more than happy to give these ideas to you!

1. Gift Card for Honeymoon Underwear

The bride has a lot of planning on her hands when it comes to the wedding, honeymoon, and guests. The budget is already planned and one of the things that are forgotten in it is the wedding or honeymoons’underwear expenses. Underwear is one of the things that make women feel sexy and can make us appear more attractive because we behave differently: we feel more confident even if not always anyone can see why. A gift card for underwear is a great choice! You can buy one in your or the bride’s favourite lingerie shop or create your customer here!

2. Kiss The Miss Goodbye Momento

This gift is easy to make, personal and funny. All you have to do to make this is- get your hen party girls to colour their lips and kiss the paper, write the iconic text ”kiss the Miss Goodbye, write the wishes under the kisses and frame it!

3. Bride Hoodie or a T-shirt

This clothing item can be really useful! It can be worn while getting ready for the wedding day, on the next day at the wedding, or even on the honeymoon. If you want to be extra, you can gift her a hoodie or a t-shirt not only for her but also for her groom! Two birds with one stone. Here to order these clothing items you ask? You can create and order hoodies here and t-shirts here.

4. Her Favorite Wine Collection

You can never go wrong by giving a wine bottle as a gift to a bride. Legends say, that the bride will not be as crazy party animal as she used to be. Is it true? We don’t know, but girls’ wine nights in will stay. If you want to be extra, you can gift her a new wine glass set too, those can never be too much!

5. Hens Party Photoshoot

Preparing for a wedding is a tough and exciting process for any bride. There is a big possibility that the bride has not got a photographer for the hen party. You can be the one who does that! On Fotosesijas.com you can look for inspiration for your hen parties photoshoot, or, if you are from Latvia, even book the photographer! Save the then party’s memories for a lifetime!

6. Personalised mug

Personalised mug- you can write a text on them, can add a photo or both. There are a lot of options that you can add to this special mug. If the design is personalized and came from the heart, the bride will love this gift! Want to create one now? Click here!

7. Men Blow Up Doll

The blow up doll is a great accessory, decoration pr party gift for any hen party! You can dress it up and take him on the town. As we all know, cis men are not usually invited to hen parties, but the blow up men is always invited. You can plan some games for the hen party including him too and even do a photoshoot with this gentleman.

8. Bride Candles

As women, we love candles. A candle smell for the next day after the wedding is something magical. You can get a candle in many shops with already made labels with texts like ”Happy Bride”, ”Bride Tribe”, ”Bride chilla”, and others. But there is another way- you can find her favourite scent candle that you know she will love and create your label as a sticker yourself! Click here and create your unique label!

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